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In the world market, our company has sales representatives all over the world who are ready to help our customers at any time. Our company is always able to buy goods anywhere in the world and deliver goods at realistic prices. Our clients develop in your business.

In 1982, Hans Staedeli founded OVAD AG, today’s SWISS METAL TRADE AG.OVAD AG was an international import-trading company. It has a nationwide consulting and service network. Successful cooperation with suppliers from around the world has existed for decades. correspondence in D / F / E / RUS / TR

As an Retail company supplied the OVAD AG the electronic industries.

In 1987, the metal trading sector was included in the program as a “second stage”. This unit developed very quickly and today is the only product segment. In 2018, OVAD AG became SWISS METAL TRADE. On June 19, 2018, Mr. Jochen Beron became chairman of the board and manages the company as Managing Director.

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